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Seniors Benefit from Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) help seniors live with dignity and respect by allowing them to recover the skills needed to complete daily tasks. It’s true that occupational therapy can benefit people at any age, but Willamette Valley Resources and Referrals (WVRR) knows that it’s quite beneficial to seniors, especially when seniors are no longer able to physically or mentally meet the day-to-day challenges required to thrive as individuals.

Mastering the ADLs and Living Independent - Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) can include bathing, dressing and toileting, but it can also include an occupation or hobby. Many seniors receive occupational therapy as a way to continue an independent lifestyle in pursuit of personal passions. Certain activities become more difficult with age, and these difficulties can be compounded with conditions like arthritis or diabetes. These can diminish a senior’s mobility. The primary goal of OTs is to help seniors recovering all types of range of movement, function and/or to aid seniors as they overcome physical challenges. These limitations can add to the overall stress a senior may be feeling. WVRR will work with OTs to form specific strategies that allow seniors to regain independence, either by helping seniors overcome barriers or by finding alternative methods of accomplishing the senior’s goals.

WVRR provides information to OTs that will improve a senior’s quality of life. This is not always a quick fix, but the results prove beneficial for a lifetime. WVRR first considers what challenges a senior needs to overcome on daily basis. WVRR considers the key to occupational therapy lies in educating and showing the steps seniors can take on their own to continue to achieve ADLs with as much independence as any senior would like.

Improved Mental Function - Occupational therapy is not limited to merely improving a senior’s range of movements. Occupational therapists have a variety of techniques to help clients’ improve memory and cognitive abilities. Occupational therapists can utilize various activities to help improve cognition with crossword puzzles and memory games. When an occupational therapists receives a referral to help reduce stress from WVRR, they may incorporate relaxation exercises into a senior’s routine. This can be quite beneficial to a senior’s physical and mental well-being.

Modifying Seniors’ Homes - There will be ADLs that can’t be achieved without some form of assistance or modification to the home environment. OTs may recommend these improvements be made (railings, mats, grip bars, etc). These handy devices are designed to help improve a senior’s balance and stability, reinforcing their independence. OTs might even consider modified eating utensils to enhance a senior’s nutritional regiment. These modifications can make a pronounce difference for seniors that suffer from arthritis or Parkinson’s. There are two primary benefits modifying a seniors home. The first is that it can help improve functionality and the second is to solidify the safety of a senior’s domicile.

WVRR is Here for You - WVRR is diligent when contacting OTs to communicate a senior's specific and unique needs. WVRR listens to seniors, their family members, primary doctor and physicians to ensure seniors will get the right care. WVRR knows it’s important to take into account a senior’s medical history, temperament and any other behavioral patterns (sleeping, eating, etc.) that can inform an assessment. WVRR will do its part to make specific recommendations and ensure a comprehensive plan is in place that meets a senior’s specific goals. If you would like to know more about OTs in your area and how they can improve your independence feel free to contact WVRR today. Start living your best life now.

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