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What is a Senior Living Referral Agent?

In short, good senior living referral agents are experts matchmakers when it comes to matching the elder in your life with the best local senior housing option. They share not only their expertise, but their time as they walk you and your loved one through the myriad of options and services, as well as assisting in uncovering any necessary resources to ensure a smooth transition. In an ideal world, these agents are as passionate as Willamette Valley Referrals and Resources’ own Lauren Berry in regards to steering you to the ideal situation for the elder in your life – in both quality care and budget.

Think of senior living referral agents as your family’s own private concierge or a real estate professional who’s absolutely brilliant at working with the senior population – matching their needs with area communities, setting up tours and providing guidance every step of the way at no charge to their clients from 55 and older living resorts to residential care homes for disabled adults and everything in between.

So how can the agents offer these life-changing services without charging their clients fees? Many senior referral agents have relationships with area senior living communities and receive a referral fee or bonus each time one of his or her clients moves in. This is where the integrity, knowledge base and overall quality of your senior referral agent becomes extremely important. Choosing an agent who cares deeply for her clients, someone like Lauren who will only match you or your loved one with a community in which she would feel comfortable placing her loved ones ensures you get exactly what you need and want – and not being referred to a place simply because “it’s easy” or there’s a bigger cash bonus for the agent.

So is meeting a senior living referral agent right for you and your family? It’s easy to find out, even if the senior you love lives locally but you live in another state: Simply call or email Lauren and her team to learn more. There’s absolutely no risk and and no pressure.

Whether you’re merely curious about the fun that may lay ahead in an active 55 and older living community or a family member is facing a medical discharge that requires an urgent need for an immediate change, our team can help. Not only do we have the expertise, but also we truly care.

Why Choose Willamette Valley Resources & Referrals? It’s simple really. We consider all aspects of what comprises a good life for you or your loved one. Whatever your unique circumstance, we’re here, ready to help. Ask us anything. Are you looking for exciting 55 and older living or residential care homes for disabled adults? Together we’ll get to that perfect “what’s next” so you have everything you need to ensure future health and happiness.

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