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Discharge and Medical Transfer Specialists

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Social workers and medical providers know that Willamette Valley Resources & Referrals (WVRR) will put your medical discharges on a fast track. WVRR is committed to a 100% successful discharge rate.

What does 100% successful discharge mean and how is this achieved quickly?

Every successful discharge requires a collective effort. WVRR assist family members to ensure adherence to all discharge orders. The leading cause of preventable readmissions is disregarding medical instructions. WVRR starts by fostering a commitment (from all involved parties) to following the discharge plan. WVRR fully internalizes our clients needs and will explain the why behind discharge orders, multiple times if necessary.

WVRR is directly connected to senior living professionals that provide expert advice needed for successful discharges. We work in tandem with social workers to ensure proper post acute care (PAC).

Patient dignity is founded on quality care and viable choices. WVRR expands and reinforces patient choice by continually verifying which PAC facilities are clinically and operationally equipped to accept patients with elevated care needs. We do the leg work and validation so case managers can present discharge plans to be immediately signed off on.

Who benefits from this service?

First of all families and patients benefit from being left in limbo for the least amount of time There are moments in time that completely change life as we know it. Having a beloved elder admitted to the hospital just to learn that a completely new living situation is needed upon discharge can make time feel like it’s standing still and rushing past us all in the same moment.

Social workers also benefit. WVRR is committed to your clients is on a personal level. Your patients matter to you and these clients matter to us. Lives matter. WVRR will pursue every option to find an appropriate PAC option for our clients and their families.

WVRR will make your life easier. There is never a reason to be overwhelmed, wondering how you can possibly figure out which communities to tour. Let us take the guess work out of your placements. We are the senior living experts. Your discharges can be an immediate motion.

Families, social workers and healthcare professionals, WVRR is here for you:

• Expert Advice

• Patient Transportation

• Assist with Paperwork

• Family Member Coordination

• Packing & Moving Service

• Communicating with Doctors

• Provide List of PAC Facilities Capable

• Coordinate Benefits

• On Site & Virtual Tours

• Gathering Information

A Note to Seniors and Their Families: When you allow us to put our expertise to work for you and your family (at no cost to you), you become free to focus on your loved one and his/her changing needs. And by working with both your family and the medical team, we can stay abreast of any changing circumstances, ensuring that needed arrangements are made with up-to-the-minute information and that every available elder care assistance resource is utilized.

Don’t let high stress levels derail your efforts as discharge time approaches. Let’s work together to ensure deadlines are met AND that your loved one is moved into the ideal housing situation for whatever this next chapter brings. We can fast track the move, including coordinating needed medical necessities, personal items and necessary elder care assistance to ensure that everything is fully functional and feels like home physically and emotionally as soon as your loved one is discharged from the medical facility.

A Note to Social Workers: When you allow us to put our network of experts to work for you become free to focus on the bigger picture and refocus your efforts. We are narrowly focused and committed to successful placements. WVRR is directly connected to senior living professionals that provide expert advice for successful discharge. We work in tandem with social workers to ensure proper post-acute care (PAC).

Our single minded purpose is to assist hospital social workers by confidently transferring patients to a post-acute care (PAC) facility of the patient’s choice and to ensure that all the patients clinical and care needs will be meet along this process.

Willamette Valley Resources & Referrals (WVRR) is your discharge staff’s ambulatory team! Our Fast Track Discharge & Medical Transfer team is dispatched immediately to accomplish timely discharges. We’ll lay the ground work and be there the entire way, resolving any last minute obstacle. Urgent and difficult placements are our specialty.

We'll be there with short notice. Our Senior Living Experts with stay on the case until your patient and their family members are completely satisfied.

WVRR is directly connected to experts in:

• Medical Assessment

• Medicare Insurance

• Power of Attorney

• Concierge Services

• Veteran’s Benefits

• Moving Services

• Long Term Care

• Conservatorship

• Legal Services

• Downsizing

Next steps: We’d love to facilitate discharge planning for you like we do for teams at multiple hospitals, rehabilitation and care facilities. The next step is give us a call so we can get acquainted and learn about your very specific needs. We’ll do the work to build trust while establishing communication channels and a workflow that you, your patients and/or your colleges will benefit from for years.

Wherever your family is in this journey, we’re here for you. Call or visit us today.


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