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FREE In-home Consultation

FREE Assessment and Referral
FREE Guided Tours and Transportation with a Senior Living Specialist


If you or a loved one is considering a senior living community, contact Willamette Valley Resources & Referrals today! We advocate for you! ensuring that you are matched with the best possible senior living placement. Call Today!

Planning & Advice

Willamette Valley Resources & Referrals helps you explore all of your options when considering a senior living community at absolutely no cost to you! We care deeply about the quality of care you or your loved one will experience, which is why we take the time to carefully consider appropriate placement.

We help you and/or your loved ones consider all aspects when choosing a senior living community including physical and cognitive function. We'll determine your financial and social needs while exploring desirable locations.

Gardening Together

No Fee Promise

Having a FREE Consultation has always been a priority for us. A FREE Consultation makes it possible for everyone to get actively involved in building a healthy, worry-free community. It’s been a great focal point for our social and educational activities. We invite you to schedule an appointment and see for yourself.

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Willamette Valley Resources & Referrals provides specialized education to seniors and loved ones regarding senior care resources and various senior living communities, as well as:

  • Senior Resources

  • Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss Resources

  • Veteran Resources

  • Educational Information

  • Community Resources and Activities

  • Outpatient Knowledge

  • Transportation Resources

  • Financial Resources

  • Independent Living Assistance

No Fee Promise
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