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FREE & Objective Advice

Willamette Valley Resources & Referrals helps you explore all of your options when considering a senior living community at absolutely no cost to you! We care deeply about the quality of care you or your loved one will experience, which is why we take the time to carefully consider appropriate placement.

We help you and/or your loved ones consider all aspects when choosing a senior living community including physical and cognitive function. We'll determine your financial and social needs while exploring desirable location.


FREE In-home Consultation
FREE Assessment and Referral
 FREE Guided Tours and Transportation with a Senior Living Specialist

Peace of Mind...

Why Choose Willamette Valley
Resources & Referrals?

We will only place you with a community in which we would feel comfortable placing our loved ones. You can explore all of your options with an experienced professional. We promise, absolutely no cost to you. Call today to speak with your FREE personal Senior Living Expert! Let them assist you in finding the perfect senior living community.

Dispatched Services

Complete Assessment
Patient Transportation
Assist with Paperwork
Family Member Coordination
Packing & Moving Service
Communicating with Doctors
Provide List of PAC Facilities Capable
Coordinate Benefits
Gathering Information

Our Step by Step
Proven Process

 1) Receive Case
2) Review Clinical Needs
3) Assess Case & Input
4) Contact Involved Doctors
5) Match Needs with PAC Facilities
6) Present Pertinent Options
7) Assist with Paperwork
  8) Sign Off on Remaining Obstacles
  9) PAC Selected & Move Date Set
10) Assist with Move In & Follow Up.

Our Professional Network

Medical Assessment
Medicare Insurance
Power of Attorney
Concierge Services
Veteran’s Benefits
Moving Services
Legal Services

Healing Hands
Smiling Senior Woman

Next Steps

We’d love to facilitate discharge planning for you like we do for teams at multiple hospitals, rehabilitation and care facilities. The next step is give us a call so we can get acquainted and learn about your very specific needs. We’ll do the work to build trust while establishing communication channels and a workflow that you, your patients and/or your colleges will benefit from for years.

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