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Perks of Assisted Living and Care

No matter our age, our financial situation or our unique goals, we all desire a meaningful life. With the elder assistance provided through assisted living and care, the seniors in your life can enjoy a carefree and confident living situation that truly empowers them while providing the unique support they need now and in the future. Plus, you may find yourself appreciating the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones are mentally and physically stimulated, safe and happy.

Here are just a few of the perks of assisted living and care:

The Perks of Senior Care


Whether a decline in health or an increase in fragility, assisted living for adults with physical disabilities or without, provides personalized care by knowledgeable professionals around the clock in a home-like setting.

Combating Isolation

Enjoying a rich social life is easy in an assisted living community. Being surrounded by those of similar age, combined with compelling activity calendars, day trips, game tournaments, bingo, socials and so much more, creates potential to make more than mere friends, but to form an extended family.

Better Nutrition

With holistic dining plans, residents in assisted living often enjoy menus created to be delicious and memorable all while meeting the specific nutritional needs of seniors. Plus, talented chefs and grand dining rooms create an atmosphere for more than a meal, but instead a pleasurable social occasion with friends.

Physical Activity

It's common knowledge that being physically active improves mental health, prevents disease, decreases risk of falls and improves cognitive function. Assisted living communities provide diverse fitness opportunities – often including various classes, gardening, yoga and tai chi.

Seniors Participating in Physical Activities

Time for What They Want, When They Want

Without the hassles of housekeeping, cooking, shoveling the snowy drive, mowing the lawn, maintaining a house and car, and all of the other to-dos that tend to come with everyday life, the elder you love, has the opportunity to take up new hobbies, get to that reading list, plan a bucket list vacation, learn to salsa dance or whatever he or she wants.

Lower Stress

The living is easy when assistance in readily available whenever there's need or want. Whether it's managing a challenging medication schedule, deciding on an outfit for a fun day out or being escorted to the local shops, there's no reason to stress because with elder assistance, the support is there – empowering your loved one to live his or her best life.

Better Hygiene

Managing the vigors of daily life, including general grooming, continence, bathing, dressing and more, is no longer challenging with support.

Adapt to Changing Needs

Choosing the right assisted living community can provide comfort and seamless transitioning for both elders and those who love them should the next step be memory care or something else.

If you're looking for affordable independent living for seniors that empowers their residents with mental stimulation, physical activity, daily help, a sense of community and the support needed while keeping their independence in the forefront, let's visit. I'm happy to discuss not only the benefits and recommendations, but also what you can expect from financials to communications from the medical team. I'm here to help.

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