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A Home like Setting with Adult Foster Care

We all want to feel valued and heard. There may come a time when the senior in your life needs elderly assistance, but still desires independence – not to mention a cozy home-like atmosphere. When that time comes, one popular but lesser known option to consider is adult foster care.

Within the walls of these single-family houses, adult foster care provides the perfect setting to build meaningful relationships and to enjoy the pleasures of home. With lower resident-to-staff ratios than more widely known and more populated alternatives, such as nursing homes and assisted living apartments, the opportunity for greater levels of elderly assistance makes personalized attention forefront in this intimate setting. The overall low resident numbers, often with as few as five clients per household, allow the people who live here to create a second family with which to spend much of their quality time – all while getting home health care assistance.

With 24 hour care at home for elderly, your family member can expect help as needed with administrating medication, grooming, toileting, appointment scheduling, communicating with doctors, dressing, mobility and more; in most circumstances, they’ll also enjoy laundry service, housekeeping and prepared meals in this home-like setting. Although independence is encouraged, when needs arise, many adult foster homes provide skilled nursing care and, in some cases, hospice care.

However, there’s more to love about adult foster care than personalized relationships and assistance with basic needs. Family style home cooked meals, holiday decorations and celebrations, group and individual outings, family visits, “house” pets as well as personal pets and a plethora of activities, can provide a true feel of home and sense of family.

Plus, many elders furnish their rooms with personal furniture and décor, further making the space truly their own. And with so many adult foster homes providing cable in each bedrooms, access to phones to stay in touch with family and friends, and transportation not only to medical appointments but also for recreation activities, they should never cease to feel a connection to the larger community around them.

If you’re ready to learn more about area adult foster care or other options for affordable independent living for seniors in your life, please contact me. With our wonderful state of Oregon inspecting, licensing and overseeing the adult foster homes in our community, my knowledge of the nuances of each available home and your advocation for your elder, we’ll make a powerful team. Let’s build that brighter future together.

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