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Top Primary Care Physicians Value Geriatric Assessments

Primary Care Physicians (PCP) are experts, specializing in general internal medicine from pediatric to geriatric care. A good PCP has a comprehensive knowledge of potential care options, and an understanding that quality information ensures ideal patient outcomes.

What is a Geriatric Assessment?

A geriatric Assessment is an objective evaluation conducted by Senior Living Experts (Senior Referral Agency) to quantify the overall well being of a senior in their current residence. This free service can be accessed by Primary Care Providers to assure seniors under care are treated holistically by combining PCP's clinical notes with comprehensive field data.

Geriatric Assessments look to evaluate the following in regards to a seniors health:

  • A senior’s ability to function physically and cognitively

  • The psychological and social state of the senior

  • An economic overview that includes holistic support networks beyond monetary limitations

  • A quality medical assessment with an eye towards potential future risk (falls, poor nutrition, hygiene, etc.)

All of these factors are best recorded in the senior’s natural home setting by a trusted and experienced Senior Living Expert.

Why Trust a Senior Referral Agent?

Senior Referral Agents are a practical, cost effective and time effective allies for any PCP on the quest for senior patient intel. Armed with a rigorous Geriatric Assessment, Senior Referral Agents are able to fully contextualize a senior’s functional and cognitive abilities. They may also keenly assess a senior’s support network and identify areas of concern well before problems arise.

How is this possible? Senior Referral Agents go to a senior’s actual domicile to asses the wellbeing of every client. This is the best way to identify potential risks for seniors early on.

Here are THREE reasons PCPs count on Senior Living Referral Agents to maximize the lives of their senior patients.

  1. Prevent preliminary (or the exacerbation of) injuries by going to the homes of seniors to investigate patient safety before issues manifest

  2. Geriatric support and family engagement is the primary focus of a Senior Referral Agency

  3. Senior Living Experts provide access to professional networks and transportation to essential services

1. Prevent preliminary (or the exacerbation of) injuries by going to the homes of seniors to investigate patient safety before issues manifest In-home assessments are a great way to prevent hospitalizations. When seniors arrive in the hospital, it’s too late to prevent the injury and consequences of trauma can be life altering to the senior demographic. PCPs depend on a patient’s own self assessment and ability to report while determining a patient needs. Many seniors believe pain, fatigue and depression are just a normal part of the aging process. When this is the case a senior may not even broach the subject during a routine checkup. On average a senior may only visit with a doctor four times in a year. A free senior living assessment will provide an objective, second person report and inventory of potential cause for future concern.

A free in-home assessment creates a blueprint for potential action before such needs arise. Senior living specialists can help seniors stay in their homes and maintain their equilibrium by identifying hidden dangers like loose rugs, cords and anything else that could pose a serious risk. It is known that chronic conditions can worsen with long hospital stays. Such hospitalizations can pose a financial burden to many. Utilizing a senior living expert’s services can help prevent unnecessary injury and financial exposure?

2. Geriatric support and family engagement is the primary focus Patient dignity is founded on quality care and viable choices. A senior living expert is focused on geriatrics and the local senior living market. They can expand and reinforces patient choice by continually verifying which PAC facilities are clinically and operationally equipped to accept patients with elevated care needs. Senior living experts do the leg work so doctors and their patients have viable options to maximize the quality of an individuals golden years. Not only do senior referral agents have a firm understanding of the hurtles seniors face but they can assist in family communication to ensure adherence of all doctors orders. The leading cause of preventable illness/injury is disregarding medical instructions. A quality senior advocate starts by fostering a commitment (from all involved parties) to follow the doctors orders. Senior living experts fully internalizes a client needs and then they can explain the why behind medical instructors, multiple times if necessary. A health advocate like a senior living expert can improve your aging adult’s overall health

3. Vetted senior living experts provide access to professional networks and transportation to essential services as adults age

Senior Referral Agents are hyper focused on the needs of seniors and as such, they cultivate vetted professional networks with expertise in those things that concern seniors.

Senior Referral Agencies keep current records on services regarding:

  • Medicare Insurance

  • Power of Attorney

  • Veteran’s Benefits

  • Medical Relocation

  • Conservatorship

  • Senior Living Options

  • And More!

Senior Referral Agents can also dispatch many services directly to seniors. This ensured that all paperwork is signed, the family is aware of any of the senior’s current medical needs and that PCPs can stay in the loop. Senior Referral Agents are experts at coordinating benefits and packaging information. This ensures that senior’s and their families live with less stress. Patients living with dignity, and respect are happier and healthier. This is the niche served by quality Senior Referral Agencies.

To learn more about Willamette Valley Resource and Referrals, and their team of Senior Living Experts contact us today.


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