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Helping our


Are you or a loved one displaced by our local fires?


We're here to advocate for you and to hopefully to bring you some much needed support!


As a community resource Willamette Valley Resources and Referrals is ready to make additional accommodations within our capacity to better help accommodate our community, and restore peace of mind to those in need of compassion. We are available to help evacuate any elderly community members or folks who can't drive themselves from areas afflicted by fires. Please contact us if you know someone who needs assistance during this uncertain time.

We are looking for donations to create emergency evacuation kits for seniors:

Depends • Denture Cleaning Tabs
Wet Wipes • Poly Grip • Aspirin

Med Sets • Panty Liners • Chucks
Tooth brushes • Tooth paste
No Rinse Soap • Ointments

Socks • Bandaids • Soft Snacks

Ensure Nutritional Supplement

If you have anything else it would be greatly appreciated, we are using my office as our donation site.

We should also express gratitude for those first responders that came to the aid of our community.  Thank you first responders. We honor your service.

As a community we must come together to help those who are particularly vulnerable right now.

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